Wratislavia perfectly graces the special moments and important events in a good company. It is like a unique and practical work of art with a beautiful fifteenth-century lithograph of Wrocław.

    It comes from Wrocław.
    Thanks to its power and cheeky character it is present and popular on tables in Poland and all over the world.

Business Cooperation

Akwawit - Polmos SA continues to expand the number of its customers.

This is because we are open to the needs of our customers and we react dynamically to them.
Flexibility and a wide range of production make us able to perform even the most complex orders.
We offer our business partners not only a solid portfolio of products but also tailored products.
One of the areas of our business are private label brands. We have a lot of experience in this field, which is proven by dozens brands produced by us and available worldwide.

We offer our customers:

All our services are carried out by experienced professionals. At each stage of the development of private label products we are available to clients, knowing that a quick response to their remarks and expectations is an essential element in the process and results in an ideal product.

Customer Service Center:
ul. Monopolowa 4, 51-501 Wrocław
e-mail: bok@akwawit.com.pl
tel.: +48 71 34 74 114, 117
fax: +48 71 34 74 110 

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