Wratislavia perfectly graces the special moments and important events in a good company. It is like a unique and practical work of art with a beautiful fifteenth-century lithograph of Wrocław.

    It comes from Wrocław.
    Thanks to its power and cheeky character it is present and popular on tables in Poland and all over the world.

Spirits in bulk

We belong to the leading producers of agricultural alcohol. For decades the highest quality of our alcohols has been the pillar of the cooperation with our customers. This is a result of the most modern technology of rectification and our own innovations that we have been using.

Our product range includes over ten kinds of ethyl alcohol produced from different raw materials of agricultural origin. The raw materials are constantly supervised in relation to their quality and origin. As a result the kinds of ethyl alcohol produced by our company always have the same physical-chemical and organoleptic parameters and are characteristic for the used raw material.

The agricultural ethyl alcohol we produce is the basic component of clear and fine vodkas. Our product is used for manufacturing vodkas of the best brand in Poland.

The Company encompasses Polmos Wytwórnia Wódek "Wratislavia", which is a producer of vodkas leading on the Polish market including the queen-brand i.e. Krakus.

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